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OC Template: PokeAd (Anime-verse)


Name (last, first):  Haley

Nickname(s): Lily (Childhood nickname)

Age:  13 (start of journey), 19 (as Hoenn Champion), 22 (as roaming trainer in Kalos)

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: April 16


Life Story

Haley was born in Petalburg City, Hoenn. She grew up close to gym leader Norman's daughter, May and both of them dreamed of becoming strong Pokémon masters.

She spent her childhood in fascination of the different kinds of Pokémon. Because of this, she harbored ambitions of becoming a Pokémon professor one day. Before her 13th birthday, she decided to become a Pokémon trainer to start with, where in through travelling and battling, she will know more about Pokémon which will help her achieve her dream. True enough, a few months after her birthday, her father gave her a ferry ticket to Johto, where she decided to travel first.

Haley received her starter, Chikorita and rescued a Pidgey being bullied by Geodude. Her companions helped her win the first two badges of the Johto league. She met Falkner, with whom at first she had an unsavory tie with but later on grew to become her closest friend and confidant, and dearest to her.

Several months later, Haley was called back to return to Hoenn after her mother was diagnosed with a rather serious illness. Because of this, she was to stay at home for a while and was not allowed to leave by her father until her mother's full recovery. She managed to study about Pokémon, though, not through personal encounter but through her mother's books that happened to be her mother's guide books in the past. Haley learned about Pokémon through books rather than experience, which secretly upset her.

Her travel soon went back to its pace a year later. However, Haley decided not to continue it in Johto, thinking that it could be better if she traveled her home region first. Having that said, her Bayleef was left under the care of Professor Birch and was given a Torchic as a starter Pokémon. She formed a new team which also included Pidgeotto. She then met Steven Stone, an older brother figure to her who played a large role in her growth as a Pokémon trainer. Steven gave her helpful lectures and he also invited her to some of his exclusive events as well, which she would gladly accept. The two became good friends and upon discovering her plans to leave for Sinnoh soon, Steven encouraged her to return to Hoenn when she feels that the time is right and challenge the Pokémon League.

Not long after, winning all eight Hoenn League badges, Haley started yet another journey in Sinnoh where Professor Rowan, her father's personal friend, met her. She chose Piplup as her starter Pokémon and left the rest of her team with Professor Birch. While on the way challenging Pokémon gyms, Haley also participated in contests and garnered three contest ribbons, two belonging to Bayleef, which she took from Professor Birch from time to time, and one to Piplup. She met both Riley and Candice, people she looked up to with strong rivalry.

Haley decided to aim to higher heights that while studying to become a Pokémon Professor, she will also try to advance to a higher level in Pokémon training. This decision leads her to the conclusion of travelling and defeating more gyms in distant regions. Shortly after Sinnoh, she set out to go back to her first adventure, in Johto where she aimed to collect all the gym badges then travel to Kanto to do the same.

Throughout her travels, Haley prioritized researching and studying Pokémon firsthand before battling. While traveling regions, she also took the time to study about the Pokémon exclusive to that region as well as their culture and history. She also showed a fondness for rare stones and relics (a trait she claimed that rubbed off from Steven) and looked for them as well. She is guided by Professor Elm towards becoming a topnotch Pokémon master and a future professor specializing in breeding and evolution.

Six years after she started her grueling journey, she is named the new champion of Hoenn and ultimately taking a break from training to become a master. She is being trained as Professor Elm's apprentice.


About You

Haley is cold and considered prideful and ignorant among the battlers she meets. A lone traveler, she is very quiet and speaks very little especially to people she just met, weighing her words. Despite this, she is extremely courteous to elders and towards people who earn her respect (which is not all that hard) and would regard them with admiration. Otherwise, she is most likely to forget. Although not talkative, she is quite energetic and very determined towards her goals and battles with all her heart and mind. Due to her plans of becoming a Pokémon professor, Haley is very hard-working and persistent in her studies and would eagerly show interest to new knowledge.

Good Habits
Despite appearing aloof, Haley is a compassionate person and has a very considerable amount of patience. She gradually outgrew her short-temperateness and her tendency to have outbursts and developed a certain fondness for chilling silence in its stead. Haley also has a notable thirst for knowledge and fondness with relics, rare stones and items which she loves to collect. With her very few friends, she is very warm and smiles all the time, and rarely does one see her cry or explode in anger. Silence is a common occurrence to her, as it is her time spent thinking, and she thinks a lot.

Bad Habits  
Although outgrowing her short patience and outbursts, Haley pretty much never changed with her short-attention span. A lot of things may seem of interest to her, but there are only certain topics that will earn her attention for more than five minutes. She is easily distracted and often conflicted on what to do first, due to her fluttering attention. She also appears to worry too much, and when she does would end up doing nothing at all.

Like(s): Battling, studying, travelling, her family, her friends, her Pokémon.

Dislike(s): Golbat, dark places, having her hair ruined, and her bad habits.

Hobbies: Collecting rare items, catching rare Pokémon, and travelling.

Fear(s): Humiliation, staying in the dark too long and ghost stories/legends.

Strength(s): Her knowledge, her determination and her well-kept stamina and health.

Weakness(es): Her fickleness, short attention span and bad habit of overthinking.

Special Powers/Abilities: Haley is an excellent tactician and strategist, which often earns her her wins in battle. Although, her specialization lies in her vast knowledge in Pokémon breeding, match ups and Pokémon genetics.



Ambition/Life-long Dream: To become a renowned Pokémon Professor and Pokémon Master.

Occupation/Job: Pokémon Trainer, Professor Elm's trainee/apprentice.


Family and Friends

Parents: Ivan (Father) – Pokémon Ranger Head; Elina (Mother) – Retired Pokémon Trainer

Sibling(s): Undisclosed

Relative(s): Third degree uncle - Wulfric of Snowbelle City, Kalos

Pets: Skitty (Meara), Hoothoot (Kooh), Pichu (Chupee)

Best Friends: May, Steven Stone, Chelsea*

Friends: Flannery, Riley, Morty, Dawn, Volkner, Wallace, Jasmine, Roark, Byron, Lancer*, Hiromi*, Sky*, Haine*

Crushes: Falkner, short-lived admiration of Wikstrom of the Kalos Elite Four, an embarrassing one on Professor Augustine Sycamore

Rivals: Riley, Roxanne, Candice, Janine, Korrina

Enemies: None known


Pokémon Adventures Information

Affiliation [ie. with Kanto Gym Leader, Team Rocket, etc.]: None, travelling alone.

Skills as a Pokémon User [ie. 1 being the worst, 10, the best.]: 8/10

List of owned Pokémon:

(Hall of Fame)

-Male; Fire/Fighting
-Signature Move: Blast Burn

Her Hoenn starter and the apparent team leader, she and Torchic worked great as a pair and later on as a team. Very curious with peculiar objects and Pokémon but she always counts on him to turn the tide when it turns sour. He is cold and quiet, just like her.

-Male; Water/Steel
- Signature Move: Hydro Cannon

Her Sinnoh starter who is always eager to please. Empoleon is always determined to take on a whole team by himself but at the same time rivals Meganium at being affectionate.

-Female; Grass
- Signature Move: Frenzy Plant

Her Johto starter who is very loving and affectionate. Usually the last to engage in a battle since she is more on the gentle, peace-loving side. Because of this, Haley relies on her to heal the team when they are injured.

-Male; Steel/Fighting
- Signature Move: Aura Sphere

Hatched from an egg given to Haley by a mysterious friend. Lucario served as both Haley's protector and loyal friend. Due to the barriers that is brought about by Lucario's distance, Haley decided to strengthen their bond by choosing him to become her signature Mega Evolution Pokémon. Lucario is the lone knight of the team. He would gladly protect his teammates but he could never open himself up, unlike the rest of them.

-Female; Dragon/Ground
- Signature Move: Draco Meteor

Flygon is the most relaxed in the team. She is casual, laid back and calm and collected. A docile dragon, Haley also uses her as her primary source of transportation. However, her strength is to be reckoned with. What she lacks in rage, she makes up with willpower and determination.

- Female; Normal/Flying
- Signature Move: Sky Attack

Her stubbornness reminded Haley so much of Falkner that she had associated being a stubborn bird Pokémon with the guy. She appeared to have a close bond with the gym leader's Pidgeot which lead her to decide letting her stay with him and be trained by a bird master. She was a Pidgey being attacked by a hoarde of Geodude and Haley came to her aid.

List of owned badges:

- None (pre-HG/SS) Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow, Soul, Marsh, Volcano, Earth

- Zephyr, Hive (pre-HG/SS); Plain, Fog, Storm, Mineral, Glacier, Rising

- Stone, Knuckle, Dynamo, Heat, Balance, Feather, Mind, Rain

- Coal, Forest, Relic, Cobble, Wave, Mine, Icicle, Beacon


Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: Haley has a healthy, physically fit body naturally acquired through her constant physical training with her Pokémon, especially with Blaziken and Lucario and her habit of digging through things. She has fair skin, bright red hair and dark gray eyes. She is also of fair height and weight.

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 5'6" / 168cm

Weight: 120lbs

Outfits: Her outfit varies among regions and events she participates in.

Accessories: Matching gloves and cap/ribbon, belt, body bag.

Makeup: None.

Scent: Meganium's Sweet Scent

Hairstyles: Her bangs are combed to the side with long strands dangling from above her ear and her long hair is put up in a barrette at the back of her head. In her mature years, she starts to wear her hair in a spiky ponytail.

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: None

Appearance: (see pic above) Grey eyes, red hair, fair skin.


Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: "Lose your patience, lose the game" "Fold your wings and bow out gracefully"

Favorite Food: Hoenn's Signature Soup

Favorite Colors: Gray/Black/Peach-Pink

Favorite Numbers:  ??

Favorite Seasons: Winter

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Time of Day: Early morning


Character Opinions (Haley's Point Of View)

Good Guys

Ash (Red): I think he's a really decent Pokémon trainer based on what I see on TV. His strategy and Pokémon team is really something. Besides that, I think he's a nice and friendly kid.

Gary (Blue Oak/Green Okido): Not much to say about him. I've only met him once but he's a bit cold and arrogant. Yeah, bonjour, smell ya later too.

Brendan (Ruby): I hadn't spent much time with him. I only battled him once but that was it. He's got some tough Pokémon with him. Perhaps he's a good person too.

May (Sapphire Birch/Odomaki): May… She's my best friend. We've known each other since we were little kids. Yeah, she can be a bit clueless sometimes but I admire her determination and patience. She's really nice and she's always there when I needed someone to talk to.

Wally: I've only seen him once. I believe that despite his fragile body, he can be a great trainer one day. Oh and don't let those docile eyes fool you. His Gallade can tear you a new one in a heartbeat.

Barry (Pearl): That boy is always in a hurry. He told me once that he'd fine me if I didn't arrive fast enough. I think he likes Dawn too. But yeah, he's a good person… just a little aloof or something.

Dawn (Platinum/Platina Berlitz): She's a nice girl I met in Sinnoh. Like me, she likes contests too. We became good friends and I got to travel with her too for a while. We have a lot in common and she always had good things to say.

Lyra: I've met her in Sinnoh the same time I received my Riolu egg. Hmm… Nothing much to say about her... but I think she's quite nice.

Gym Leaders


Brock/Takeshi: He's an awesome cook! I didn't realize that he's a gym leader until I traveled Kanto.

Misty/Kasumi: She's a really pretty girl and a graceful water Pokémon trainer. I admire her battling style too.

Janine: There's a long story somewhere here but let's just all agree that she and I don't really like each other that much. We do respect each other as equals in Pokémon battling but that's it. I've had some bad first impressions due to a Meganium VS Ariados incident but it gradually warmed up. Falkner may or may not be involved.


Falkner: That hot-headed bird man!! I don't know what his problem is but he always gets in my damn nerves..!! Hmm… but that was years ago. Upon my return, he's a more matured person, quite different from the Falkner I ran into in the past. I like him better now… Now that he changed, that's when I realized how cool and handsome he really is.

   Update: We had a rematch and I won. Perhaps it took both of our maturity--well okay, more of mine--to make us understand our differences which... are not so different at all. And so apparently, we're together now. Don't ask me--I don't know what happened. I'm always there for him, and he's always there for me. That's all that matters.

Bugsy: He's fine. I'm amazed he never gets itchy around his bug Pokémon.

Whitney: Hmm… She's a cry baby… I think? I… don't really much mind her. Hm, but I think she's a formidable opponent anyway.

Morty: He has a wonderful aura surrounding him. A bit mysterious though, I can't really tell what he's thinking. He's a strong trainer. I could learn a lot from him.

Chuck: He reminds me of Crasher Wake from Sinnoh. I don't know why.

Jasmine: She's a really nice girl. If I ever had a little sister, I'd want someone who's like her. She's very friendly and very kind.

Pryce: Cold as his gym… I don't really have anything to say about him except that he's a bit grumpy. He seriously needs to warm up.

Claire: She gave me a tough time at the gym!! Seriously! But because of her, I learned how to appreciate my Flygon more. She's a wonderful trainer… and a really strong one too. She's just a little bit prissy in my opinion.


Roxanne: I consider her my rival in knowledge about Pokémon. She's smart and it was tough getting past her. She's miss know-it-all and a proud honors student. She didn't have to brag about it though.

Flannery: Ah… she is a good friend of mine. At first, I didn't really want to be around her because she has a weird approach as a gym leader. But later on, we managed to get along well. Sometimes we train together; sometimes we just hang out in the hot springs. I just… hate the way our hair looked almost alike.

   Update: Who am I kidding?? I LOVE the way our hairstyles look a like! We're like sisters because of it... Silly me.

Norman: He's that nice guy who looked after mom when I was gone and a good family friend altogether. He's no joke in gym battling, though. But I love the dumplings his wife cooks when I happen to drop by at their house. He's not always at home but there are very little differences between daddy Norman and gym leader Norman.

Winona: She's so awesome!! I like the way she maneuvers flying-type Pokémon. She's the one responsible for reminding me of Falkner when I was in Hoenn. She's very graceful and has a lot of great advices. I once trained with her with my Pidgeot and went to the hot springs with Flannery one time.

Tate and Liza: Those twins are adorable. I just… think their Pokémon are intimidating for me.

Wallace: That guy… I never thought that he's a champ. The real deal. But anyway, he's really a gentleman and all. He's elegant, and he has the looks to go with it.


Roark: Isn't he a little too young to handle a gym?? Nah, there are other younger gym leaders than him so I guess he's fine. He's a cute guy in my opinion.

Gardenia: I like the way she designed her gym. She's a really great grass type trainer too. Well we do share one thing in common… we both love grass types! But I do raise other types too.

Maylene: She's a good battler. I must admit, because of her and Riley, I wanted a Lucario of my own.

Byron: He reminds me of my father for some reason. I did befriend him and well, he's really nice and all that. After leaving me some advice after our gym battle, I swore to battle with him again some time.

Candice: She's rather cold during our first meeting. But oh well, not people are nice when you first meet them!

Volkner: He's cool and I find him funny. I guess he makes a pretty nice person to talk to. He's very entertaining.

Elite Four

Lance/Wataru: He's… I don't know. I only met him once and we never even talked. But from my impression on him, he seems rather scary and intimidating.

   Update: I thought I was going to cry getting past through this champion. I lost, but it was a great match. One day, Lance, one day!!


Team Magma and Team Aqua: I've only heard about them from here-says and stories. Though I never officially met them, I am curious as to what were they thinking and what is it they're trying to achieve.

Team Galactic

Mars: That woman is so proud and boastful. I did battle her once when I ran into what apparently was a crime scene and gave it out at full blast. But none of us won since she left at once. We never met since but I really, really dislike her.

Charon: A creepy guy. That's all.


Professor Oak: I listen to his lectures all the time! I will do ANYTHING to hear his lectures live.

Professor Elm: My mentor and guide. Since I'm now training to become a Pokémon Professor, I've decided to specialize in Pokémon Breeding and he's just the right teacher for me. He's very nice and patient, and I'm thankful he always have something interesting for me to do.

Professor Birch: He's like an uncle to me, you know. He and Norman and Caroline are family friends.

Professor Rowan: Although he's quite the grumpy-grandpa type, I have deep respect for this man. He and dad are good friends, which is probably why he is quite accommodating to me nonetheless.

Professor Sycamore: ... let's talk about him some other time. ((Haley is a mature person; a champion and a professor-in-training, but there always seems to be the evident automatic, completely trivial blush-on when she's around Professor Sycamore. She would not say anything about it. In fact, she doesn't say anything around him at all because she knows all to well that stuttering is going to give her a very bad impression)) Hey in my defense, it's probably his aura!

Steven Stone: He's a good friend of mine who taught me how to look for rare things and his strong preference towards weird ancient things probably rubbed off on me. I occasionally keep in touch with him so we let each other know what the other is doing... Who knew he used to be a Champion too no? Maybe one day, we'll be able to go head-to-head. Champion VS Champion. I do treat him like an older brother, the same way he treats me like his younger sister.

Looker: I saw him once or twice, he seems like a man with a plan.

Riley: We have a certain love-hate, friendly rivalry sort of relationship. It's complicated. While I completely admire him for his skills and his politeness, something inside me really grinds me to the core whenever he passes by my thoughts. Not unless I prove myself to be stronger than him, I don't think it's gonna change. But thanks to him, I have my best friend Lucario--I guess that should count!
Update [December 4 2014]
I updated this with four years worth of information 8V;; you may find that some people are missing/added but it's because I included those who are significant in Haley's story. A lot has been revised and god told me to cleanse myself of my weeaboo days so this happened. When I created her, I didn't really have a clear backstory in mind and when I actually paid attention did I realize that she deserves character development which is why you'll find some "updated" opinions about certain people XD

Nothing much has changed, but a lot has been added. I'm really looking forward to drawing more of Haley. There are a lot of things about her that I haven't shown as of yet :la:

Hey guys~ Yeah this was intended for Manga-verse OCs... but this would do.

I just thought I should do this just so everyone could know Haley better. Just so you know, I can't submit pics very often and I have this habit of like, only telling stuff about my OCs when I show you a picture of them or something XD

So yeah, this is it... but not it. It's really not finished yet. I left out some parts because, hell yeah, Haley's not the "protagonist wanna-be" who meets ALL the canon characters, except of course the gym leaders as I have no idea who the others are yet to be honest :shrug:.

And it's now quite obvious who I'm pairing Haley with.. I'm planning to color a picture I drew with that someone of hers :D but don't be fooled just yet.. Haley did not just stride her way to Pokémon lane and get a boyfriend or whatever... there's more to that XD

As for the other men involved in her life, I won't include that here yet. I'm planning to draw her with these people and then I tell you. That, and I forgot to edit the damn thing before submitting OTL.

Those with * are OCs made by my friends.

I hope you enjoy reading~ and please do tell me what you think ^^

Pokémon © Satoshi Tajiri
Haley / Hyouka [ヒョウカ] © ShootingStar03
Template © Yumiko12345…

Salli © YukikoHisame
Lancer © Dante2386
Hiromi © Els-e
Sky © my bro

Haine © lovelychu
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With much love,

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